Drymades Travel and Tours is a Destination Management Company, which provides travel services and assistance to independent travelers or travel companies which provide holiday package in the area of Dhermi / Drymades and Himara.

Being part of Albania Travelnet Shpk, tour operator, (license nr.2848 -03-2017) makes us the only licensed travel agency in the area of Drymades which allows us to provide full range of travel services to any future partner who is looking to provide holiday package in the area of Drymades.

In cooperation with TRAVELNET Shpk, which is licensed transportation company (license nr. LN 9531-4-2015) we provide transfers from any regional airport, harbor or border crossing point to any destination in Albania, for groups of 2 to 52 people.

We do provide special rates for services to partners who organize holiday packages in Dhermi/Drymades and Himara, who wish to cooperate with us in providing complete holiday packages or supplement their holiday package with local/regional guided coach tours, walking tours and other outdoor activities which we can organized for individuals or groups.

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