Al Evra pirates cave

Al Evra pirates cave

Things to do - general

The pirates cave of Al Evra is an interesting natural cave made famous by the fact that it was used as hiding place for pirates from the begining of XVII century until the end of XVIII century . It can be reached only from the sea and its entrance is located where the perpendicular rock of Saint Theodor monastery meets the sea, in very deep waters it is one of most valuable tourist attraction in the area of Dhermi.

The cave has big enough entrance for small speed bats can enter inside the cave when there are no waves in the sea. You can reach the cave from the beach of Dhermi via speed boat or via canoe but be aware of strong winds from North west every afternoon which will blow you into the rocks.
Via speed boat it takes 10 minutes to get there form Dhermi beach, via canoe it will take you around 30-45 minutes.

The water in front and inside of the cave or deep enough for you to swim in and you will notice the change of colors of the water inside the cave which is emerald green and outside is deep blue. This is because of the sunlight entering inside the cave form whole on the ceiling of the cave.

WARNING: While inside the cave reduce the time inside it to a minimum and do not shout or make loud noises, it may cause stones and rocks to fall from the ceiling of the cave.

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